Selected Publications (Lab members and co-supervised students in bold)

  • Andreazzi, C., J. N. Thompson, P. R. Guimaraes. 2017. Network structure and selection asymmetry drive coevolution in species-rich antagonistic interactions. American Naturalist 190: 99-115.

  • Galetti,M., R. Guevara, M. C. Cortes, R. Fadini, S. Von Matter, A. B. Leite, F. Labecca, T. Ribeiro, C. S. Carvalho, R. G. Collevatti, M. M. Pires, P. R. Guimaraes, P. H. Brancalion, M. C. Ribeiro, P. Jordano. 2013. Functional Extinction of Birds Drives Rapid Evolutionary Changes in Seed Size. Science 340: 1086-1090. [PDF] [F1000-recommendation]

  • Guimaraes, P.R., M. Galetti, P. Jordano. 2008. Seed dispersal anachronisms: rethinking the fruits extinct megafauna ate. PLoS ONE 3: e1745. [PDF]

  • Guimaraes, P.R., P. Jordano, J. N. Thompson. 2011. Evolution and coevolution in mutualistic networks. Ecology Letters 14:877-885 [PDF]. See also the article in Science highlighting this study: [Editors' Choice]

  • Guimaraes, P.R., V. Rico-Gray, P. S. Oliveira, T. J. Izzo, S. F. dos Reis, J.N. Thompson. 2007. Interaction intimacy affects structure and coevolutionary dynamics in mutualistic networks. Current Biology 17: 1797-1803. [PDF] [Supplemental Data]

  • Pires, M. M., P. L. Koch, R. A. Farina, M. A. M. de Aguiar, S. F. dos Reis, P. R. Guimaraes . 2015. Pleistocene megafaunal interaction networks became more vulnerable after human arrival. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 282: 20151367.

  • Pires, M. M., F. M. D. Marquitti, P. R. Guimaraes. 2017. The friendship paradox in species-rich ecological networks: implications for conservation and monitoring. Biological Conservation 209: 245-252.

  • Raimundo, R. L. G., J. P. Gibert, D. H. Hembry, P. R. Guimaraes. 2014. Conflicting selection in the course of adaptive diversification: the interplay between mutualism and intraspecific competition. American Naturalist 183: 363-375. [PDF]

  • Vidal, M. M., E. Hasui, M. A. Pizo, J. Y. Tamashiro, W. R. Silva, P. R. Guimaraes. 2014. Frugivores at higher risk of extinction are the key elements of a mutualistic network. Ecology 95: 34403447. [PDF] [F1000-Recommendation].

  • Yeakel J. D*, M. M. Pires*, L. Rudolf*, N. J. Dominy,P. L. Koch, P. R. Guimaraes, T. Gross. 2014. Collapse of an ecological network in Ancient Egypt. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111: 1447214477. *contributed equally. [PDF]

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